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The packaging sector has become an essential part of everyday life. Packaging is now an intrinsic part of the product image and at Grup Maculart we work to ensure that it fits in perfectly with the image that our customers want to project. With an annual production of 100 million cardboard packages, pharmaceutical packaging has been one of Grup Maculart’s main activities since our business began more than 50 years ago.

We have incorporated digital technology to complement our offset printing service and in recent years we have also offered POS solutions in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive service.

We know that technology alone is not enough to achieve success. In the 21st century, printing still has a human component that makes all the difference in achieving the highest quality results. We are convinced that the graphic arts are a craft industry. That is why we promote the training of our team and their development within the company. Thus, by combining the best technology with a team of professionals specialised in each stage of the printing process, we at Grup Maculart have achieved this high standard of quality, established after more than half a century of continuous service to the pharmaceutical industry.

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