Continuous service, prompt delivery

At Grup Maculart we have experienced the transformation of the graphic arts sector first hand. Production at Grup Maculart never stops. It operates 24 hours a day in 2 or 3 consecutive shifts, depending on the needs of the production process. This allows us maximum agility to respond to our customers and deliver on time without ever compromising on quality.
The ability of Grup Maculart to adapt to meet the needs of our customers is reflected in the entire printing and production process: from the initial mock-up that we create according to customer preferences to the delivery of the products, which also follows their guidelines.

The Grup Maculart organisation is made up of the following departments:

At the head of Grup Maculart we find Management, formed by the second generation Majós.

Their long experience in the pharmaceutical sector translates into a deep knowledge that they share with the other departments, and enduring relationships with many of our customers who know that they have a long-term, reliable partner in Grup Maculart.

At Grup Maculart we apply the strict quality controls required by the pharmaceutical sector. We have a dedicated team to ensure the conformity of production in compliance with our customers’ requirements and industry regulations.

This department is responsible for checking the print quality, both manually and with the help of advanced computer programs, as well as checking the product before authorising the release of the goods.

Responsible for coordinating and mapping each production process.

Having an in-house design department is a real added value for Grup Maculart. It allows us to approach projects creatively and come up with fresh and innovative ideas, while offering expert advice on the design and layout of patient information leaflets and medicine packaging.

This department brings adaptability and reliability to the production process. Among other functions, it performs colour proofs and 3D layouts to facilitate checks and rectifications of originals to print profiles and ensure perfect printing.

At Grup Maculart we work alongside our customers. This mission is perfectly represented by our sales department who have extensive experience in the printing and POS (Point of Sale Advertising) sector, where each member of the team proposes, advises and works with the customer in every project.

In this way, we establish trusting relationships with our customers that are maintained over the years.

Our print specialists have a wide range of state-of-the-art printers that provide versatility and efficiency in production, as well as advanced software for reliability and control.

With all this, at Grup Maculart we guarantee a print that is faithful to the original proof agreed with the customer, with no surprises or unexpected modifications.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, at Grup Maculart we offer an end-to-end service that also includes the handling of the pharmaceutical boxes and patient information leaflets that we print. Over the years, we have grown to incorporate technical and human resources that allow us to carry out the entire industrial process at our facilities in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona).

Another benefit of working with Grup Maculart is that we have a logistics department with our own fleet to cover the Spanish national territory. This gives us greater flexibility, rigour and responsibility with regard to the delivery deadlines agreed with our customers.

It is also essential to maintain control over the delivery of the goods, as we not only meet the deadline, but we can also guarantee that all products arrive in perfect condition, in the formats and packaging requested by the customer.