Mission, vision and values

We are inspired by our customers in the pharmaceutical sector, the work well done in printing, the search for efficiency and the challenges of the industry.


Working alongside our customers

Grup Maculart has been working alongside our customers and understanding their needs ever since our business began more than 50 years ago. Our mission is to adapt to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, both in the production of patient information leaflets and packaging, and in the new challenges of sustainability and recycling posed by the sector.
We do this on the basis of a very close and trusting relationship with our customers. Thanks to the involvement of our entire team, we can offer a very agile service to respond to the changing needs of the very demanding pharmaceutical sector without ever compromising on quality.


50 years growing together

At Grup Maculart we are inspired by our customers. Following the vision of our founder José Majós, we work to turn the projects our customers imagine into reality. We are in constant evolution and up to date with the latest trends in the graphic arts sector, continuing to explore new fields through our experts. This means that when you have a vision we can offer you the best solution to implement it.

This is how we have expanded our services over the years. Starting with our initial printing services for pharmaceutical patient information leaflets and production of pharmaceutical packaging, we have now also incorporated POS solutions to continue to add value for our customers and provide them with a global service with innovative and creative proposals aligned with the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector.


In search of excellence in printing

And efficiency. At Grup Maculart we know that printing is not just a manual task. On the contrary, it is a process where human intervention is combined with state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest quality results without compromising efficiency.

Every patient information leaflet that leaves our plant communicates much more than the information printed on it; it conveys quality and attention to detail. For our part, every pharmaceutical package we produce carries with it all our experience and our high standards, because its content is as important to us as it is to our customers.

These are the values that drive Grup Maculart, together with teamwork, because we know that each member who participates in the implementation of a project, from the salesperson to the die-cutting expert, is essential to pursue our mission of working alongside our customers and adapting to their needs.