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The General Manager manages and takes leadership of the two main entities in the Group: Maculart and L'Estoig Farmacèutic.

Grup Maculart’s production works on a 24-hour base in 2 to 3 shifts depending on the needs of the production outcome.


each sales representative offers advice and accompanies the customer along the whole life of the project until deliverance of the finished product.

Technical office

they provide expertise and knowledge to the Project Development chain.

Its mission is to supervise the customers’ needs along the lines of our production chain. That is: to meet the relevant requirements ensuring a constant quality in the pursuit of the best results.

Among its main tasks the Technical Office guarantees that the adequate materials are used and quality norms are met at Grup Maculart. Our goal being always to reach the highest efficiency in all processes, quality and economically fitting for our customer and our structure.

Design and preprinting process

our Design Department is an added value to Grup Maculart as it allows us to offer a product relatively packed with fresh and innovating ideas as well as to adequately advice our customer in the design and with our model-making service.

This integrated department allows us to be adaptable and trustful when it comes to initiate the production process. This also allows us to make the presentation of the colour testing and 3D designs, thus making it easier to correct and check the originals, adapting them to the printing profiles.

Our structure allows us to suggest 3D designs or real models, in accordance to the particular needs of our client. We can also provide a service of decorated models.


We count on a wide range of printers which allows us to be versatile in the production, as well as advanced programs that provide reliability and control.

CIP-4 is a preprinting program that sends the different ink colours to the printers; these are then graduated automatically avoiding stain-formation; production time is optimised too.

Axis control: this is a modern system that ensures that the intensity of colour is identical throughout the production chain. All printings, offset and digital, are subjected to the ISO12647-2:2004 norm.

The results are guaranteed to be faithfully printed in accordance to the agreed original.


we have at our disposal a mechanical equipment as well as a human contingent that ensures the best packaging and leaflet production, and which allows us to carry out the whole process in our own facilities: die cutting, gluing and folding.

Our BOBST gluing machinery is in keeping with the last industry improvements,and this ensures the homogeneity of the ink, a control over its density and the detection of possible colour mixtures during the manufacturing process.

The IMPIKA equipment, our most recent investment in the production of leaflets allows for a completely automated production. From printing to folding of the leaflets.

Quality control

we apply the strictest quality controls required by the standards of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Four of our staff are full-time dedicated to the task of ensuring that we comply with the requirements of our customers, exercising a control over the printing quality and the finished product before deliverance is authorised.


our logistics department counts on our own transportation means and covers all national area. This gives us a greater flexibility, rigour and responsibility when facing deadlines and any unforeseen incidences.

Grup Maculart’s logistics strategy has been assessed by our clients and has been certified as efficient and reliable.

where we are

Carrer de l'Or 22
Polígono Industrial "La Clota"
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Tel. [+34] 933 811 012
Fax. [+34] 933 815 113

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